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Our eBook is our primary tool for helping people with a vata imbalance regain balance – with ease. Going much further than the simple introductory texts on our website, this book is designed so you can work through it, step by step, and bring fundamental changes to your lifestyle. Your health and sense of wellbeing will change considerably.

Sections include answers to the following common inquiries:

  • What are the best jobs for a vata type? This section includes plenty of tips to transform any work day into a vata-soothing activity.
  • How can understanding vata help me overcome professional blocks – like not finishing tasks, disappointing work results, and otherwise not reaching your full career potential.
  • How does my dosha type affect my relationship? We give you solid advice for transforming yourself, your partner, and your significant relationships.
  • Personal stories of extreme (and we mean extreme!) vata imbalance from readers, and the concrete, step by step changes they made to make a difference.
  • The unexpected effect of a vata imbalance on specific health conditions, and how you can target your specific problem with some effective, simple solutions.
  • Finding an ayuredic doctor
  • How to make your own vata oils, at a fraction of the cost of bought ones.
  • A complete list of recommended vata and ayurvedic resources – the best websites, books, tapes, teas, oils, soaps and other products.
  • Finally, how to put this all into practice, and how to avoid relapsing once you have succeeded.

Finally, our book is designed to be easily downloaded and read on computers, ereaders, tablets and smart phones. Take over 100 vata friendly meal options to the supermarket, complete with shopping lists, and never be lost for a meal idea again!

Testimonials, and Index, and Layout coming soon.

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