Vata Diet


What to eat first – and last – thing in the day.

As we add recipes you will be able to click on a yummy meal to learn how to make it! All images are vata reducing foods from trusted sources, may not be when indicated with a * star. Enjoy!


Hot porridge with banana, apple or pear, cinnamon or honey

(Avoid cold cereal)


Plenty of fresh water (room temperature)

Juices (Orange, lemon, Pineapple, Grape, Mango, Coconut Water or Carrot)

Milk, Hot Milk Drinks

Hot Vata Tea

Almond Cake

Nuts (?)

Salted toasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds

Fruits, warmed or stewed if possible, including: pineapple, grapes, cherries, berries, apples (if stewed), fresh figs, peaches, plums, lemons and limes, mangoes, oranges.

(Avoid crackers, cold cereal)


Hot Pasta Soup

Pureed Vegetable Soup


Hot Pasta Soup

Basmati Rice dishes. Use ghee and salt for flavor.

Dishes with vegetables like: carrots, leafy greens, zucchini, squash, sweet potato, peas, green beans, pumpkin and asparagus and beetroot. Chop and cook vegetables well.

Use plenty of your favorite spices – most are great for vata, but particularly pepper, saffron, dried ginger, cumin, coriander and tumeric.

Grains, lentils and mung beans (not other kinds of beans).


Flatbreads made with whole wheat flour.

Rice and wheat noodles.

Vata balancing chutneys

For more ingredients look here.


(Avoid cold salads.)


Oven cooked fruits (bananas, apples, pears or rhubarb) and cream*

Rice Pudding

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